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Utilisation Certification of ACA for reconstruction of damaged infrastructure by Flood and Natural Calamities 2005

Conference for strenghtening the monitoring mechanism

Status of Utilisation of fund under PM's Package

Minutes of State Level Monitoring Committee Meeting

Minutes of District Level Monitoring Commitee Meeting

Photographs of review/monitoring committee meeting of PM Package


Photographs of conference of DCs, Engineers and DPOs on 1st May 2009

Photogarphs of signing MoU with NABCONS

Public Works Department

* Distribution of allocation under Special Assistance Package (SAP)
Details of Roads and Bridges  
   PM Package related photos
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Rural Works Department

* Scheme wise requirement of fund for competing ongoing schemes
* Summary of fund requirement for completion of ongoing schemes
* Pending rural roads requiring special assistance

Power Department

* Details of pending projects (Power Sector)
* Status of incomplete T & D projects
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Hydro Power Department

Public Health Engineering Department

Civil Aviation

Arunachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency(APEDA)


Hon'ble Prime Minister on his maiden Itanagar visit

PM Package status


Department wise
Status of schemes implemented under ACA for damaged infrastructure by flood and natural calamities during 2005


Department wise